July 2015

08/07/2015 - Raising expectations in KS1 PE.

It still shocks me to hear teachers undermine the importance of KS1 PE. Admittedly they are becoming the minority, but there are still a number of teachers out there working in FS2 and KS1 who, in their opinion, see PE as a bit of a non entity....

14/07/2015 - Primary School Darts

Monday nights find me at Cueball in Derby. Diet Coke in hand, I’m sat on a bar stool watching a game of darts. The scorer is at the board, marking down from 501 as the two players take turns with 3 darts each to get down to a score that can be finished on a double. The players are good – 100 plus scores from three darts are relatively common and the scorer, though occasionally needing a little help, marks them down with a confidence that is hard to ignore. As the player steps to the oche, the marker calls 43 required. First dart – 11. Second dart – Double 16. Game, Shot. It’s a scene that you would see in many pubs acro...


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