Project: 19/20. Why 60?

Since September, we have met with over 100 PE Subject Leaders as part of our free CPD program.  In total, we have travelled over 9000 miles up, down and across the country to assist with planning, preparing and structuring PE provisions in Primary Schools.

As we sat down for our end of Term review meeting in January, the entire team felt the need to try and change what we offered schools on-going to try and support some of the issues being faced more ‘hands on’.  We were hearing the same stories time after time of poor ‘experts’ supporting school.  Subject leaders with no release time to run the subject.  Teachers not teaching PE.  Children not getting the required physical activity every day.

We decided we needed to change the way we support our schools.

Don’t get me wrong, we support all our schools when needed, but we just felt that we needed to look at a more structured approach to supporting schools, specifically those where subject leaders felt some resistance to trying to get new and improved procedures embedded in school. 

Numerous brain storming sessions followed before we finally settled on the framework for Project: 19/20.  One of the key areas for us to consider was how many schools we could support in this way without compromising on what we wanted to offer. 

After playing through every possible scenario, we came to the magic number.  60.

Could it be less than 60? Possibly.  We can guarantee it definitely won’t be more.

60 schools allow us to build a team of Subject Leaders from all four corners of England.  As a project group, we will share best practice and help each other revolutionize the way we deliver PE, Sport and Activity in Primary Schools.

We know that limiting the project to 60 schools will mean that some schools miss out.  And for that, we apologise.  But the key to the project is not only the remote support available via the TLG-PE and Steps 2 Summit systems, but also the on-site support from me and the team here at TLG-PE.

Each school in the project will have 9 half day visits over the academic year.  These will be used for setting up the Steps 2 Summit system, training staff and young leaders on the Steps 2 Summit project, assisting teaching and learning, ensuring Ofsted compliance and funding audits.

In addition, TLG-PE live credits allow subject leaders and TLG-PE staff to review lessons together from different locations – Meaning we are there with you even when we are not there with you. 

Yes, we could be greedy and offer this to more than 60 schools.  But that would dilute what we are striving to achieve and that is not the way we operate.  We want 60 schools fully able to plan, implement and manage their own PE, Sport and Activity from 2020/21 without the need for any external coaching company support.  To do that, we are going to be pretty hands on with all the schools in the project – just the way we like it!

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