The best £60 you can spend…

Bibs are one of the most under-rated things in your PE cupboard. Traditionally they’ve always been used to simply split and identify teams – but have you ever thought about the other benefits they could have?

Take these fantastic numbered bibs available from £60 for 30 bibs – 10 red, 10 green and 10 yellow. Each numbered from 1 – 10.

After a chat in the office today, we came to the conclusion that these bibs are our most used item in the PE cupboard every week……and at £60 for 30, they’re great value. We use these bibs for far more than splitting teams – We use them to:

• Help us with assessment. We split the children into emerging (red bibs), met (green bibs) and exceeding (yellow bibs) at the start of the lesson and they then wear the bibs for the duration of the lesson. This helps us to easily identify which children need specific help and attention over the course of the lesson and also easily cross reference the children to the assessment data on the TLG-PE System.
• Develop marking and tracking skills in games. We match up the numbers so players have a specific role of who to mark in the games. For example, red 2 marks blue 2. This can be really useful when we talk about man marking and having specific responsibilities in defence.
• Have random pairings for 1 v 1 activities. The bibs allow us to call out two numbers and the players in the corresponding bibs can then participate in a 1 v 1 situation in a given sport.

If you haven’t already got coloured, numbered bibs then take it from us – you’re missing out!

You can buy the bibs here: (and no, we're not on commission!)


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