Merry Christmas!

As we fast approach the end of 2018, I’d love to say that we are starting to wind down at TLG-PE and our days are filled with mince pies, tinsel and Christmas songs.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

Yes, there may only be 2 working days of December left for us (we close for the Christmas break on Friday 21st by the way!), but winding down is the last thing on our minds.

You may have seen via our social media platforms that the last few months have seen a number of developments to the TLG-PE and Steps 2 Summit products that will ‘go live’ from January 1st 2019.  These additions have been a real labour of love for the team.  We have listened to our partner schools, listened to potential customers and listened to each other to come up with some amazing additions to our products. 

From a Steps 2 Summit perspective, schools will now be able to purchase the system on an annual licence.  This means more schools will get the opportunity to see how amazing the project is and the wonderful effect it has on mental, physical and social health.

With TLG-PE, we have introduced our very own Sport & Activity mark to allow schools to showcase their amazing work they do in PE, sport and activity.  Importantly, the sport & activity mark doesn’t cost a penny and automatically keeps up to date from the data in your system.  At the end of the academic year, you get sent your plaque that you have achieved – No extra work to re-input data!

Additionally, we’ve also introduced the TLG-PE Young Leader award into the clubs & competitions element of the system.  Again, this addition is at no extra cost and will allow teachers to deliver a unique leader program to their students that includes specific guidance to those leaders on how to maximise the benefit of the TLG-PE system to ensure their school actively increases pupil participation.

We’ve listened to schools who already feel that they have certain areas of their PE provision where they want it to be, so we have made the TLG-PE system available in smaller chunks.  Schools can now purchase TLG-PE Planning, TLG-PE assessment, TLG-PE Clubs & Competitions and the TLG-PE Training Academy as separate resources.

TLG-PE Training Academy bridges the gap of how to teach PE.  The system includes a suite of over 1000 games for you to deliver in lessons or as extra-curricular clubs and a unique insight into the TLG-PE DNA, the foundations that TLG-PE is built on.  Did you know that TLG-PE stands for Teach, Learn, Grow – Physical Education? Well our DNA is all about How we Teach, How we maximise Learning and how we Grow the individual.  In the TLG-PE Training Academy you’ll learn all about it from real life extracts of primary PE lessons.

What else is new? Well we’ve built a really cool addition to our website that allows schools to build their own engaging, compliant and progressive long-term plan for PE.  Oh, that’s totally free of charge too!

And, perhaps the icing on the cake is our last new product, TLG-PE Live Assessment.

Now, I don’t want to blow our own festive trumpet, but this is like nothing else available to support PE & School sport.

Now, without a shadow of a doubt, there is no need for external coaches to replace teachers to deliver PE lessons in primary schools.  As part of the TLG-PE package, TLG-PE live assessment allows teachers to film their lessons and upload them to their secure account.  From there, the lessons are reviewed by the expert staff at TLG-PE, with each childs performance assessed straight into your TLG-PE assessment.  Oh, and that happens before your next lessons – meaning you can prepare your planning based on the very latest up to date pupil data.

We provide you with what to teach.

You prepare it.

You deliver it.

We assess it.

Game.  Changer.

Add to that some spangly new websites for both TLG-PE and Steps 2 Summit and I think that’s about it!

Check out all the new stuff in the new year.  But for now, enjoy your last couple of days of term.  Switch your laptops off.  Enjoy your family time.  Eat and drink too much and, most importantly, relax.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, prosperous new year.

Colin & the TLG-PE team x


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