January Update

Happy New Year (when do you actually stop saying that? Is there an official date?! If there is, I am guessing it’s probably before the 23rd January in all honesty!).

We’re going to be getting a number of members of the team to blog this year.  Hopefully, it will give you a different viewpoint on some of the work we do, both in the office and when we are out and about in schools.

We’ve had a really busy start to the new year, specifically promoting all of the new additions to the TLG-PE and Steps 2 Summit systems and removing some of the bugs and teething problems that are inevitably involved with rolling out tech updates.

It’s great to see so many schools allowing us to join them on their quest for better PE, sport and activity in their schools.  We feel an enormous amount of pride and pressure to make sure we deliver on what we set out to do – Reducing input and increasing output.

One of the major things we have done so far this year is pilot the new role of KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER to work with our existing schools.  Initially, this is just for schools based in the Midlands, but we are planning for this to be rolled out annually for 2019/20 if the pilot is a success.  Matt Mansfield has been seconded into the position and will be working closely with our partner schools in the Midlands to make sure the system they are using (TLG-PE, Steps 2 Summit, or both) delivers the maximum return on investment for them.

Matt has been with TLG-PE since it was just a little idea in a board meeting many years ago and has worked tirelessly on a number of projects.  Most notably, Matt has worked on shaping the planning that teachers see in the TLG-PE system and, more recently, the design and build of the TLG-PE Training Academy.  We’re super excited to see the impact he can make with schools in the Midlands.

We’ll keep you posted on progress throughout the rest of the academic year, from both our perspective and that of the PE leads, heads and teachers that he will be working with.

On a personal note, my January highlight has definitely been the time I have spent seeing Steps 2 Summit in action at lunchtimes up, down and across the UK.  I even managed to have a go on the scanners earlier this week at one school (it’s quite difficult to get the children to let you have a go as they enjoy it so much!). 

My new years resolution is to try and get into a minimum of 2 schools a week to see first-hand how our systems impact the staff and pupils that are using them.  Again, I’ll keep you posted with some of the stories.

Enjoy the rest of this half term, Colin


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