If you need help – Ask. We’ll find a way to make it happen.

Over the last 30 days we have spoken to 16 PE Co-ordinators, deputies or head teachers who have outlined their need for assistance with their PE Curriculum. And they all share a common situation – That budget constraints mean they can’t get the help they need to move their school, staff and children forward.


So what do you do? Well firstly, we’ve decided that it’s just not right. If schools need help then they should get it – Money will come in the next academic year in the form of the PE & Sport Premium installment, so why should schools wait? Simply, they shouldn’t.

That’s why we’ve agreed deals to waive our fees in line with their 2017/18 funding. They get the help they need now and, apart from a small set up fee, pay for it later. They grow their trust in us, their teachers get back some valuable time and energy to put into other subjects, the SLT’s get the data and resources that they need to tick Ofsted boxes and most importantly, the children get amazing PE lessons.

Feedback from these schools has already been fantastic and we’ve proven to them that we really are here to help (even flying to Belfast to deliver some staff CPD on the assessment portal – for free!).

So there you have it – if you need help, ask. We’ll always find a way to help you.


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