Cheapest isn’t always best…

One of the things we often get asked is “why is your system more expensive than some of the others that are available?”

Well, why is a Ferrari more expensive than a Fiesta? Why is a Rolex more expensive than a Casio?

If you need a system that will give you some planning for you to be able to show Ofsted and some basic data that will allow you to show you are tracking performance in its most basic form then, I’ll put it here on record, there are cheaper systems available that will meet your needs.

Just like if you need to drive to work you can go and buy a Fiesta.

But what about if you want more? What about if you want to invest the money you have received to really make a difference to your PE & school sport provision?

What about if you want to track pupil performance from Reception to Y6 and maintain that data? And what about if children can self assess their own progress across this time with their PE Passport?

What if you want to be able to review EAL, SEN and disadvantaged pupils just like you do in other subjects?

What if you want to log all your extra-curricular attendance in one place, and have this data show on your auto-generated end of year report?

What if you want separate units of work for the first time you teach a sport?

What if you want to be able to record all your lesson observations?

What about if you want to log your swimming data in line with NC requirements?

Even better, what if you want that to upload to your website in real time? (by the way, that will be here by Feb HT!).

And then…….what if you want to engage your pupils in 30 minutes of daily physical activity each day, track and evidence that activity and THEN link it to your PE system so that the whole physical development of the child is recorded in one place. Yep, with Steps 2 Summit and TLG-PE you can do that too!

Or what if you want a bank of cross-curricular resources to use sports such as darts in maths lessons? Or if you want to be able to view your SEN children at the click of a button so you can sort a specific club for them? What about if you need a visual explanation of the set up of EVERY PE lesson?

So yes, you can go out and purchase a nice, steady car. And I’m sure it will get you to where you need to be each day just fine (until it breaks down!), but if you want to test drive the supercar, you can do that here:


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