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Upgrade your TLG-PE system to a PE Performance Analysis program with TLG-PE Live.

TLG-PE Live, the first system of its kind that allows you to record extracts of your PE lesson and digitally assess pupil performance directly from the content of the film.


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Teacher, Subject Leader or TLG-PE expert staff.

Take a look at how TLG-PE Live allows you, for the first time, to produce libraries of evidence for attainment in primary physical education.
How It Works

Lesson and pupil files to show progress made either in a specific lesson, or by a specific pupil. TLG-PE Live links directly to your TLG-PE system, giving you a real-time insight into the progress of your pupils.

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Build video portfolios of individual pupil attainment in your school.

The perfect tool for staff development and moderation.

Using formative assessment to develop teaching and learning.

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