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"We'll load your account with easy to follow lessons, specifically designed for your year group."

Imagine never having to plan PE again…

With Teach, Learn, Grow - Physical Education, we can turn that dream into a reality for you and all primary schoolteachers!

All you have to do is select which units of work you require, then we fill your own online PE portal with clear, easy to understand and dynamic lesson plans. Each of them is written for each year group and covers everything from gymnastics, through to dance, OAA and sports!

Our planning approach focusses on:

  • Fundamental technique and skill development in FS2 & KS1
  • Structured, sport-specific learning journeys in KS2
  • Schemes of work planned to focus on specific, pre-loaded targets for each year group
  • Providing clear instructions via STEP and ASCENT for differentiation of lessons

Planning also shows key vocabulary, progression for each year group and all assessment points. You'll also be told what equipment you'll need to make each lesson work - making preparation a breeze!

We've covered it all for you. Everything!

KS1 Planning
KS2 Planning

It's the ultimate time and stress saver when it comes to delivering outstanding PE in primary schools. New schemes of work are continually added to the site, and themed planning for FS2 incorporates all areas of EYFS. FS2 schemes of work include dance and gymnastics along with a large number of games that not only focus on physical development, but other areas of learning.

And everything we supply to you is easy and fun to teach!

Every lesson - down to the smallest details

Our lesson planning provides you with detailed instructions for each game or activity along with a range of videos and diagrams to show you how to deliver the lesson. If you're facing the prospect of delivering a particular game or skill that you feel less confident with then don't worry - we'll take you through it step by step.

Whether you sign up now, or later - it doesn't matter when you register your account. Planning is provided over a rolling 12-month period, so you'll always receive the planning for the subsequent 6 half-terms. So all you have to do is sign up and go - and wave goodbye to planning PE!

Teach, Learn, Grow - Physical Education
Your pitch-perfect P.E. curriculum

Units of Work Available

Key Stage 1

Attacking & Defending


Gymnastics 1 - Travel & Shapes

Gymnastics 2 - Balances & Jumps

Net & Wall

Sending & Receiving

Striking & Fielding

Throwing & Catching




Key Stage 2




Fitness / Circuits

Flag Football

Floor Gymnastics






Rhythmic Gymnastics


Tag Rugby



Ultimate Frisbee





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