Lesson Locker Room
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Lesson Locker Room

If there is something you don't like, don't understand or just simply want to change about the unit of work on your site, just head over to the lesson locker room and check out some of the other options.

If you see something that you think would work better for your class, you can simply change it. No questions, no fuss!

The locker room will show you more lesson components, specific to the sport you are working on and the year group you teach. So if there is a specific floor target that the class is struggling on, you can drag in games that specifically focus on that. Or, if you want to simply change a game because you don't have the space or equipment, you can do that too!

We put together units of work to try and suit most situations and abilities, but we know that sometimes it needs changing.  With access to the locker room, you can see what else is available and make your own changes!


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