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FAQ - PE & School Sport

What if I want something included on my long term plan that isn’t on the site?
We are constantly adding new sports and schemes of work to our portfolio. We love to hear feedback of what you would like adding – let us know and we will try and add it! We have a number of set long term plans that are focused on satisfying all areas of the curriculum along with maximizing the learning journey for both the children and you. We will be happy to talk through long term plan options for you.

How often are new games/sports added to the site?
Very often! New games are uploaded daily and we aim to get more schemes of work added each half term. There are currently over 1000 games on the site.

Can sports coaches access the site?
We are focused on improving the knowledge, confidence and ability of teachers and only users with a school Email address can access the site. If you are a sports coach and employed directly by the school, and have a school Email address, then they can be added as a user. However, the system will only grant you access to 6 or 12 units of work for one year group.

Can I request specific Dance schemes of work?
Yes! If you have a special event, or your children are particularly keen to learn a specific dance, we will be happy to write the dance and film it for you. We will then provide the dance videos broken down into steps, and full teachers notes to aid delivery. The only thing we can’t provide is the music (due to copyright issues!), so all videos will be sent with muted sound, for you to add the music directly from school.

Do we need special equipment for any of the lessons?
No, all lessons have been written based on schools having standard PE equipment to allow them to deliver the lesson. The equipment required for each element is clearly stated in the game detail. If you have specific equipment that you would like to get more use from, we will happily look at producing some additional elements that focus on these for you.


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