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"PE is so much more than rounders on the field or gym in the hall. PE can be in EVERYTHING we do in the classroom."

Active Curriculum - making PE fun for you and your pupils!

Who was your favourite teacher at school, and why?

Go on - we challenge you to think back and pick one! We often talk about our favourite teachers here in the office, and the common theme we always come back to is fun - the teachers who made learning enjoyable.

Driven to bring PE to life and get your pupils active

We fully appreciate how difficult and time-consuming it can be to find new and exciting ways to inspire your pupils, which is why our system is geared to get your pupils active while they enjoy their learning in the process.

We're equally as active on your behalf, constantly thinking up, testing and delivering Active Curriculum content for you to use in the classroom or on the sports field!

Cross-curricular content: easy to access, easy to deliver

Our Active Curriculum lessons can be searched by sport or topic - so if you're studying averages in maths, you can find appropriate content designed to further understanding and get your pupils active in one hit. Likewise, if you're studying a PE-specific topic (such as athletics) you can search for that sport and see how it applies to all other areas of the curriculum.

PE Passports - aiding self-evaluation for pupils

As part of our Active Curriculum initiative we have created a downloadable PE Passport - a document that enables pupils to record their progress in PE and link that progress to other subjects. They can be completed digitally or printed off to be completed by hand - a great way of engaging pupils in writing!

To learn more about our Active Curriculum initiative, call us on 0800 0029280 or emailing for further details.

All you have to do is get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Teach, Learn, Grow - Physical Education
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