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"We believe that teachers are the best people to teach primary PE and we're here to help you every step of the way."

We're here to make teaching PE better for you

We've been there. We know what a challenge delivering high standard PE lessons to primary school children can be. Week after week, across the school year in all weathers. Planning, researching, monitoring, marking and assessing a subject that forms only one part of the overall curriculum that you're expected to deliver.

That's why we came together to create Teach, Learn, Grow - Physical Education: to provide a fantastic, all-encompassing online system that makes teaching primary PE a joy!

We're a team of highly qualified sports coaches and former teachers who fully understand and appreciate the daily rigours and pressures that you are put under, and how stressful and time consuming your job can be. We also understand how wonderful and rewarding teaching can be - and our system is designed to help you hit that all important balance!

Meet The Team

Your time is precious - so we're giving it back to you!

Our system is packed with everything you need to deliver an outstanding PE curriculum - one that can bring success to your school and one that your pupils will really enjoy. From units of work, teaching resources, in-depth planning, assessment, display materials, videos, podcasts, webinars and so much more - we give you everything you need to ensure you have the skill, confidence and time to deliver an outstanding primary PE curriculum.

We firmly believe that PE shouldn't be considered as a stand-alone subject, delivered in two one-hour lessons. PE can be embedded into your whole curriculum, which is why we designed our system to empower you rather than leaving your school to rely on expensive external coaches.

After all - you know your children and you know their individual needs.

We promise to:

  • Provide age-appropriate planning in line with the National Curriculum
  • Provide units of work that can be delivered using standard school PE equipment
  • Provide a range of media to support understanding of lesson content
  • Answer any queries you may have to the best of our ability and in a timely manner
  • Make PE an enjoyable and vibrant subject to teach!

We want to help you use PE to bring learning to life!

We look at PE this way: what better way of getting children thinking about maths than by looking at their own speed over a 50m sprint and comparing it to previous attempts? What better way of bringing science to life than studying the real-life effects of different types of exercise on their own body? What better and safer way of understanding local geography than exploring local rivers through indoor kayaking?

We provide the tools for you to get your whole curriculum active!

Our team of experts - on hand to support you

We've put this system together to help support you and make planning a thing of the past. But we don't expect you to simply sign up and run with it - we're here to support you every step of the way. Any questions you have can be fielded directly to our team and will be answered in a timely manner and to the best of our ability.

So, speak to us now and find out more about how we can make teaching primary PE a real joy, free from hassle and stress. Call us now on 0800 0029280 or emailing info@tlg-pe.co.uk

Teach, Learn, Grow - Physical Education
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