Primary PE and Sport Premium Sustainability For Schools
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"We provide schools with a sustainable, cost effective system which ensures current and future staff are all able to achieve the same level of expertise across the whole subject. "

A sustainable PE curriculum for your school

DfE and Ofsted publications continually refer to sustainability when discussing the Primary PE and School Sport Premium, and it is a vital component for review in all schools when they examine their existing PE curriculum and funding spend.

The recent PE and Sport Premium Conditions of Grant 2016 - 2017 report from Ofsted stated that schools must document " what impact the school has seen on pupils' PE and sport participation and attainment and how the improvements will be sustainable in the future."

An outstanding PE provision for years to come

It should come as no surprise therefore that sustainability is one of the core objectives that drives the Teach, Learn, Grow - Physical Education system, regardless of any obstacles that may emerge such as a lack of PE & School Sport Premium funding or the loss of long-term members of staff involved in the planning and delivery of the curriculum. Teach, Learn, Grow - Physical Education is designed to ensure that all current staff and those entering your school in the future are able to achieve the same level of expertise while working to the same curriculum.

Clear curriculum mapping from foundation to year 6

All of your staff members have full access to all the CPD benefits of our ystem. New staff members know exactly what to teach and how to teach it because the curriculum is clearly mapped out from foundation through to year 6. Gone is the need to send one teacher on a gymnastics course, as our system shows ALL teachers how to teach a full and enriching gymnastics curriculum.

With prices from £4 per pupil, Teach, Learn, Grow - Physical Education is fully sustainable in your school for years to come, without the need to rely on the Primary PE & School Sport Premium.

See for yourself how our system could benefit your school.

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