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We want to help learners to develop understanding in the game as opposed to just an understanding of the game
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PE curriculum mapping to ensure your pupils succeed

Does your current school PE curriculum truly challenge your pupils? Are your pupils leaving primary education with the skills, knowledge - and passion - needed to succeed in KS3 and beyond?

Without strong and rigorous curriculum mapping in place, it can be difficult to ensure that this is the case - and in PE the guidance provided by the DfE is minimal.

That's why we work with hundreds of primary schools & Teachers across the UK every year to ensure their curriculum is correctly mapped. We focus on the key attainment goals for each year group, leading to core requirements at the end of each key stage.

A varied and colourful primary PE curriculum, mapped for your school by experts

Our team of teachers, former teachers and professional sports coaches have combined their experience and skills to ensure that your pupils can not only develop the required skills and techniques as set out by the National Curriculum - but fall in love with sport and exercise too. They'll develop a sound understanding of the skills, tactics, qualities and techniques required to succeed and progress from one key stage to the next - and beyond.

ASCENT - your PE curriculum map to success

There is a reason that the Teach, Learn, Grow - Physical Education system uses illustrations of mountains throughout its system resources. PE is a progressive journey, much like the ascent of a mountain. Pupils and teachers are visibly reminded of the need to reach one base before pushing on to the next, securing the ability, knowledge and skills to survive at the higher level by acclimatising to the expectations and requirements of their current place on the climb. The role of the teacher is very much like that of the expedition leader - ensuring all participants are secure in their ability at each camp before leading them onto the next one, ensuring no-one is left behind while maintaining full focus on the end goal - reaching the summit.

In the case of primary school-level PE, this means achieving Y6 PE objectives!

All the necessary ground covered to an outstanding level

We ensure your primary PE curriculum focuses on both skill and technique development, and that your staff and PE providers clearly understand the difference between the two. Much like the recent focus on mastery in maths, game-based learning allows participants to test their skill by performing techniques with the added elements of suitable pressure.

We offer a free, no obligation review of your current curriculum mapping.

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