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"We provide clear and accurate PE assessment data to help you drive improvement in teaching and learning."

Insightful and relevant pupil PE data at the click of a button

Our pupil PE assessment portal is a key feature of the Teach, Learn, Grow - Physical Education system, making life easier for your teachers and ensuring that all pupils are monitored and assessed in clear, easy-to-understand detail. All relevant and necessary data can be exported at the touch of a button enabling staff to produce high quality, insightful progress reports for both parents and Ofsted inspectors.

All the information your school needs to satisfy Ofsted

The Teach, Learn, Grow - Physical Education system stores all the information any school would be required to produce during an Ofsted inspection. From one secure online location, your staff can produce:

  • All assessment data for your school
  • All extra-curricular participation data for your pupils
  • Detailed analysis of core focus groups performance (EAL, SEN, girl/boy etc)
  • All planning for your school
  • All CPD provided to your staff
  • Proof of sustainability

PE Assessment measured against clear learning objectives

Each unit of work in our system is pre-loaded with clear, age-specific learning objectives. These objectives are measured against a simple emerging, met and exceeding marking system and can be entered in real time during a lesson on a tablet or laptop. At the end of each unit of work, reports can be generated at the click of a button to show:

  • Current and YTD pupil performance
  • Current and YTD class performance
  • Current and YTD school performance
  • Current and YTD group performance (boys/girls, SEN, EAL etc)
  • Grouped skill assessment data
  • Projected end of key stage performance
  • Head Teacher summary reports
  • End of year progress reports

Our assessment portal enables your school to project end of key stage performance, pupil by pupil, at the click of a button. This data can be used to highlight potential shortcomings and provide clear intervention support for those students who may struggle to achieve the learning objectives.

Additionally, the assessment system also displays both sport specific and grouped skill data, allowing schools to identify where specific core skill strengths and weaknesses lie.

Safe, secure and incredibly reliable

All pupil data is stored on a Microsoft SQL Server database on a Microsoft Azure platform. The SQL uses SSL/TLS encryption and the whole site runs on a https encryption. School data is only viewable by TLG-PE staff (who are all enhanced DBS checked), and your own registered teachers who are each issued with secure logins and passwords.

See for yourself how our system could benefit your school.

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