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"Remove the need for teachers to plan any part of the PE curriculum. We supply all the planning you need, stored in your bespoke school system."

Teach, Learn, Grow - Physical Education removes the need for teachers to plan any part of your PE curriculum

Our unique approach to curriculum mapping has been designed to ensure children participate in a structured learning journey from FS2 through to Year 6. Schemes of work are planned sequentially to ensure thorough and deep knowledge and understanding on each step of the learning journey.

Our planning approach focusses on:

  • Fundamental technique and skill development in FS2 & KS1
  • Structured, sport specific, learning journeys in KS2
  • Schemes of work planned to achieve key skills in each year group
  • Clear instructions for effective differentiation in lessons
  • Understanding exactly what to teach and how to teach it

Planning for success - for your school, your staff and your pupils

KS1 Planning
KS2 Planning

Themed planning for FS2 incorporates all areas of EYFS. FS2 schemes of work include dance and gymnastics along with a large number of games that not only focus on physical development, but also other areas of learning.

All lesson components feature a range of media aimed at maximising understanding of what is being taught. These include videos, drawings and photographs.

Staff can view lesson plans online while teaching, or print them off from the delivery area of the TLG-PE site. The plan includes a full class list, with details of each child's current attainment level against the objectives being taught in that scheme of work. Teachers can make notes on this plan, ready to import into the assessment portal at a later date.

Everything your teachers need for innovative, outstanding PE lessons

Teachers can also access a printable WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) document for every objective being taught in each scheme of work. These provide an excellent reference for both teachers and pupils to assess the quality of the work being produced. In addition, a wealth of classroom resources (relevant to the schemes of work being taught) can be printed from the site.

New schemes of work, lessons and games are constantly added to the site. As a school, you can view all new content in your planning portal, and choose to add these to your own planning should you wish to do so.

Current content numbers on the site are as follows:


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Teach, Learn, Grow - Physical Education
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