Participation Tracking
Teach Learn Grow - PE
"No other system allows you to track extra-curricular clubs and competition participation and automatically links it to your reporting system."

Participation and competition have long been an area that schools have focused on developing and now is the time to invest in a solution that reduces workload, and increases accuracy, in the collation of supporting data.

The TLG-PE system allows schools to accurately and simply log all extra-curricular clubs and competitions in one place, removing the need to store hundreds of scraps of paper or separate documents.

The system allows schools to easily review which children are, or are not, actively participating in extra-curricular activity.

Additionally, all data is linked to the school assessment suite, meaning participation and competition data are also included on all pupils end of year reports.

Schools can now easily access at the click of a button:

· Participation data of target groups (girls, SEN etc.)

· Competition data for the entire school.

· Sainsburys School Games Mark data requirements.

All of this data can easily be shared with parents, governors and other external parties.


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