FAQ For Schools - Using The Site
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FAQ - Using The Site

Can I get a walk through of the system from a Teach, Learn, Grow – Physical Education member of staff?
We want all users to get the most they can from the site and to for it to add real value to the lives of teachers. That's why we offer free tutorials via a number of methods.

Users can request a one to one or school training session conducted via GoToMeeting. Don't worry if you've never used GoToMeeting before, it's really easy and we will set everything up to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Alternatively, users are more than welcome to visit our office in the East Midlands for coffee and cake and get a full demonstration from our team.

Once we purchase it, how soon can we start using the site?
Once we have got the information we require to set up your portal, we will start working on it straight away. Obviously it takes a little time to get the site ready due to its bespoke nature.

For schools wanting to purchase the system to use from September 2016, our training site will be made available to use straight away. The training site is a larger version of the St Catherine's portal, where users can navigate a far larger section of the site, allowing them to familarise themselves with navigation and content prior to their own portal being finished.

How many users can we register?
There is no limit on the number of users a school can register. All users must be registered with their school Email address. No private Email addresses will be allowed access.

What access levels can we set?
There are two access levels on the site - teacher and supervisor. The supervisor is suitable for headteachers and PE coordinators as it allows the user to see a larger section of performance data. Teacher log ins focus on just the information required for their class.

How secure is the site and the data it stores?
We feel that the site is as secure as it possibly can be. The data is stored on a Microsoft SQL Server database on a Microsoft Azure platform. The SQL uses SSL/TLS encryption and the whole site runs on a https encryption School data is only viewable by Teach, Learn, Grow – Physical Education staff, who are all enhanced DBS checked, and school staff who are issued with a secure log in and passwords. We also audit all logon activity. There is no function to download or export data other than the teachers registered to the school whose data is being viewed and Teach, Learn, Grow – Physical Education staff. The School Headteacher has full authority on who is issued with a log in to the site and log ins are created only for these members of staff. Log ins can be disabled at the request of the headteacher. All access passwords for teachers and staff are encrypted on the site and nobody is able to retrieve them (there is a system in place to reset them obviously). Pupil information cannot be accessed between schools.


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