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"We’re focused on getting children active and engaged using the power of sport in all areas of the primary curriculum."

Follow us on social media and you will see the hash tag #morethanpe - but what does that mean? Well, we firmly believe that sport has a place in all of school life, not just the 2 hours of lessons dedicated to it each week. After all, we don't only read in guided reading lessons. We don't only use maths in numeracy lessons, so why should we only think about sport in PE?

We provide all TLG-PE users with 3 specific categories of Cross-Curricular resources. These are:

Inspire with Sport

Inspire with Sport

These resources focus on engaging learners in other curriculum areas through PE and Sport. The resources are designed to fit into existing classroom lessons or intervention groups where children may be more engaged in the subject being taught if sport was referenced or part of the learning. For example, squad number maths resources use football squad numbers to challenge pupils with a number of mathematical problems.

A Sample of the squad number maths resources are available below (click to open document).

Get Active

Get Active

Get Active lesson plans are focused on getting children out of their seat to learn in other curriculum areas.

• What better way of getting children thinking about maths than by looking at their own speed over a 50m sprint and comparing it to previous attempts?

• What better way of bringing science to life than enabling pupils to study the real-life effects of different types of exercise on their own body?

• What better and safer way of understanding local geography than exploring local rivers through indoor kayaking?

We provide the tools for you to get your whole curriculum active - and all of our lessons can be delivered using your standard school PE equipment!

Check out a Challenge

Check out a Challenge

We have teamed with PDC Professional darts player, Jamie Caven, to produce over 400 videos aimed at improving mental maths in children. The interactive videos show Jamie completing a number of darts related challenges, which children try and solve.

Challenges range in complexity from totaling the score of 3 darts thrown to working out which double to finish on from a certain score.

You can see a sample video below.


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