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ASCENT for teachers

As well as developing pupils and increasing their learning through a structured journey from FS2 through to Year 6, our system is also focussed on developing teachers too. Our programme for teachers is designed to increase the skill, confidence and knowledge of primary school teachers delivering PE. To enable this, a number of personal development tools are embedded within the Teach, Learn, Grow - Physical Education system.

These tools include:

  • Designated professional support from our staff, available via email and phone
  • Digital lesson feedback
  • Masterclass webinars from Teach, Learn, Grow - Physical Education staff
  • 'Back to the Coaching Board' videos
  • Digital 1-2-1 support meetings
  • Online teacher forum
  • Podcasts
  • Annual conference
  • Bespoke scheme of work planning for dance
  • STA school swimming start-up pack

ASCENT in this case refers to the areas of differentiation covered by teachers in their lessons, when looking to challenge or engage specific pupils, namely:

  • Area
  • Scoring
  • Coaching style
  • Equipment
  • Numbers
  • Task

Helping to develop teachers every step of the way

Our huge range of classroom resources and cross-curricular lesson plans provide teachers with a wealth of collateral to ensure that every lesson is as fresh, engaging and enjoyable as the next - and always appropriate to the age range and skillsets being taught. Content is updated on a daily basis by our staff ensuring that teachers can constantly improve and develop their knowledge and skills as our system evolves and grows for them.

Because every teacher and every school is different

Every school and every member of staff is on their own individual journey, developing in different ways and at different speeds. That's why we treat everyone as an individual, as a person with their own specific needs when it comes to delivering PE in schools and furthering their own career development. The ASCENT journey for teachers is designed to help them gain new skills and reinforce them as they change and improve the way that physical education is delivered in your school.

We're with you and your teachers every step of the way - and we work closely with you to ensure that they, you, your pupils and your school achieve the success that we know you deserve.

Find out more about the ASCENT programme and how our system could benefit your school.

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