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ASCENT for senior leaders

Our team of educational professionals are fully aware of the pressures and rigours faced by senior leaders in primary education, and the constraints that are placed upon their time. That's why our system has been designed to provide all the relevant figures, data and information (including participation and attainment - both core areas of recent Ofsted inspections) that you require at the touch of a button and in a simple to digest format.

ASCENT for senior leaders focusses on how our system works to provide outstanding levels of success when it comes to:

  • Attainment
  • Sustainability
  • Compliance
  • Expectations
  • National Curriculum
  • Training

A little gift, every half term, from us to you

Using the TLG-PE site and accessing the fantastic resources is the fist step to achieving an outstanding PE Curriculum, but it takes more than that to ensure sustainability and longevity in school. That job falls on the subject leader and we know just how important it is to support you in every aspect of your role - including just putting a smile on your face!

You might not need us every day, but just so you don't forget that we're here for you, we send all our subject leaders a PE First Aid kit every half term. The kits include lots of useful resources and equipment for subject leaders, along with info on the latest additions to the TLG-PE system (and always a bag of sweets!).

If you would like to receive a sample PE First Aid kit, just click the button below

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Full guidance, system training and support for your staff

So that subject leaders and other relevant staff members can get the most out of our innovative system, our team are continually on-hand to guide you through it. From verifying lesson observation feedback through to producing new long-term plans or advising on intervention requirements, our team of expert professionals treat every school with the same high standards. We've even been known to videocall directly into governor meetings - so don't be afraid to ask!

Because every senior leader and every school is different

Every school and every member of your senior leader staff is on their own individual journey, developing in different ways and at different speeds. That's why we treat everyone as an individual, as a person with their own specific needs when it comes to managing PE in schools and furthering their own career development. The ASCENT journey for senior leaders is designed to help them gain new skills and reinforce them as they change and improve the way that physical education is funded and delivered in your school, how pupils engage with the subject and how the morale of teaching staff can be improved and sustained.

Essentially, the success of your school, your staff and your pupils is paramount in all that we do. We're with you every step of the way.

Find out more about the ASCENT programme and how our system could benefit your school.

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