Teach Learn Grow - One Minute Challenge

1 Minute Challenge Rules

Anyone can complete the 1 minute challenge – All you need is a ball, a crazy catch, a couple of cones, a stopwatch and something to measure 2 metres with.

To qualify for the leaderboard, you will need to follow some specific instructions dependent on your age – These are:

Key Stage 1 Lower Key Stage 2 Upper Key Stage 2 Key Stage 3 Adult
Ball Any Size 2 Ball CrazyCatch Level 2 Vision Ball (Or quick Cricket Ball) CrazyCatch Level 2 Vision Ball (Or quick Cricket Ball) CrazyCatch Level 2 Vision Ball (Or quick Cricket Ball)
Crazy Catch side Sane Sane Insane Insane Insane
Distance from the Crazy Catch 2 Metres


  1. Marker cones to throw from must be placed 2 metres from the crazy catch. The tool that you use to measure 2 metres should be left in place when you play. All throws must be from level, or behind, the cones.
  2. The time starts when you throw the ball.
  3. A ball must be succesfully caught to count towards your score.
  4. You can have as many spare balls near you as you wish.
  5. The challenge stops after 60 seconds. Only catches completed in this time count towards your score.

To qualify for the leaderboard, you must film your attempt (or get someone else to film it for you!). Remember to include your name, school, age and which year you are in at School in the video. Don’t forget to tell us what you want to be when you grow up as well!

You can then submit your attempt via any of the following methods:

  • Email your video to skillschool@tlg-pe.co.uk
  • If your video is too large to email, you can send it for free via wetransfer.com to skillschool@tlg-pe.co.uk
  • Upload your video to the tlg-pe facebook page
  • Upload your video to youtube and then send us the link via any of our social media platforms, using the hashtag #peskillschool

Remember to include all the relevant details when emailing us or uploading to social media.


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