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PE Skill School – Have your pupils got what it takes to reach the Gold Standard?

PE Skill School is a range of challenges for primary aged children to attempt. Each challenge card explains the rules of the challenge and the Gold, Silver and Bronze standard. TLG-PE staff or professional athletes have set these standards for your children to attempt to match and exceed!

How to use the PE Skill School resources:

All PE Skill School challenges are set in line with learning objectives from TLG-PE curriculum mapping. Schools can choose to use the resources as additional learning opportunities for their pupils by requesting the videos be watched for digital learning homework. Setting challenges for children to complete in their own time will assist with their learning in PE lessons. All videos can be found on YouTube for you to direct children to. The TLG-PE YouTube account can be subscribed to here.

Alternatively, some schools choose to set the challenges up at lunchtime and playtime for children to attempt, using young leaders to keep score.

Whichever way you choose to introduce your pupils to PE Skill School Challenges, you can be sure they will love taking part in them.

Schools using the PE Passports can order stickers to issue to pupils meeting one of the three standards of a challenge. All the stickers (Gold, Silver and Bronze) have a clear space in the middle to write the challenge number on that the sticker relates to.

More challenges are available to school using the TLG-PE system.

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